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Beans are the seeds of plants in the legume family. Worldwide, many varieties of beans are cultivated for food. They are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Often, the seeds are dried for later cooking; sometimes the entire seedpod is eaten, as in the case of green beans.

Beans may grow as bushes or climbing vines. The soybean is the most abundant bean in the world; millions of people eat the beans, known as edamame, or other soy products, such as tofu.

"Beans, beans, the musical fruit..." So says one childhood nursery rhyme. Do beans really cause flatulence? Actually, they do. Beans contain a sugar called oligosaccharide. Humans don't have the enzyme needed to digest this sugar, so bacteria do the work for us. In turn, these bacteria produce methane gas as a byproduct, which may then be noisily expelled from the body.

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You can include beans in your autumn harvest cornucopia. Beans have long been included in art. One example is the painting The Beaneater by Italian artist Annibale Carracci, completed around 1590.

It's time to harvest your skills and draw realistic cartoon beans. This easy, step-by-step cartoon food drawing tutorial will show you how. All you will need is a pen, pencil, or marker, a sheet of paper, and perhaps something with which to color your finished drawing.

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Easy, step by step Beans drawing tutorial
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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Beans

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Beans Drawing - Step 1

Beans Step 01

1. Begin by drawing a long curved line to outline one side of the bean pod. At one end, use curved lines and pairs of lines that meet at gentle points to form the leaf-like sepal and stem.

Beans Drawing - Step 2

Beans Step 02

2. Use overlapping curved lines to draw the wavy near side of the bean pod. It should meet the previous curved line at a point. Draw a series of curved lines down the center of the pod.

Beans Drawing - Step 3

Beans Step 03

3. Continue the central lines to the sepal. Then, begin drawing a second bean pod partially hidden behind the first. Outline the top of the pod using a "U" shaped line, and draw a curved line down its center. Then, use pairs of curved lines to enclose the sepal and stem.

Beans Drawing - Step 4

Beans Step 04

4. Use two wavy curved lines to draw the rest of the bean pod. Allow the lines to meet at a sharp point. Draw curved lines down the center of the pod.

Beans Drawing - Step 5

Beans Step 05

5. Begin to draw a third bean pod. Use pairs of curved lines to draw the stem and sepals. Then, use overlapping curved lines to sketch the bulging side of the bean pod.

Beans Drawing - Step 6

Beans Step 06

6. Continue drawing the side of the pod, and use overlapping curved lines to draw the opposite side. Allow the lines to meet at a point. Draw a curved line down the middle of the pod; it should also terminate at the pointed tip.

Beans Drawing - Step 7

Beans Step 07

7. Enclose the bean shapes within the pod using overlapping curved lines.

Beans Drawing - Step 8

Beans Step 08

8. Detail the tops of the beans with curved lines. Note the more thickly shaded center section of each line. Then, draw some beans that have already been removed from their pods.

Beans Drawing - Step 9

Beans Step 09

9. Use curved lines to outline more beans. Detail the individual beans with curved lines along the indented side. Again, notice the more thickly shaded portion of the line.

Complete Beans Drawing

Beans Step 10

Color your cartoon beans. Bean pods may be green, brown, yellow, or even red or purple. Beans, too, come in many varieties. Some are solid black, white, green or brown. Others are spotted like cows or streaked with bright colors.

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