How to Draw Salad

Learn how to draw a great looking Salad with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

By following the simple steps, you too can easily draw a perfect Salad.

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​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing Salad

How to Draw a Great Looking Salad for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

How to Draw a Salad Step 01

1. Begin by drawing a horizontal oval. This outlines the shape of the salad plate.

Easy Salad Drawing - Step 2

How to Draw a Salad Step 02

2. Draw a smaller oval within the first. This indicates the inner portion of the rim of the plate. Give it a three-dimensional appearance by drawing another line along the upper curve of the oval. Then, draw a curved line beneath the oval, from one side to the other. This forms the side of the plate.

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Easy Salad Drawing - Step 3

How to Draw a Salad Step 03

3. Draw a circle near the front of the plate. Then, use curved lines to enclose a series of partial circles behind it, as if the shapes were overlapping. These circles indicate slices of cucumber.

Easy Salad Drawing - Step 4

How to Draw a Salad Step 04

4. Erase guide lines from the circles.

Easy Salad Drawing - Step 5

How to Draw a Salad Step 05

5. Draw a smaller circle within the first circle. Then, draw a curved line parallel to the outline of each of the partial circles. This indicates the peel of the cucumber.

Easy Salad Drawing - Step 6

How to Draw a Salad Step 06

6. Draw another smaller circle within the first. This indicates the cucumber's seed membrane. Draw similar shapes within each of the partial circles. Then, draw lines within the small circles, like the spokes of a wheel. Between the spokes, draw small narrow ovals to indicate the seeds.

Easy Salad Drawing - Step 7

How to Draw a Salad Step 07

7. Draw slices of onion. For each slice, draw a partial circle within a partial circle. Allow the shapes to overlap, erasing guide lines as necessary.

Add More Details to Your Salad Picture - Step 8

How to Draw a Salad Step 08

8. Next, draw the lettuce. Use curved lines that meet in points to indicate lettuce leaves. Use additional curved lines to indicate leaf veins. Fill in between the leaves and onions using curved, wavy lines and chains of "U" shaped lines.

Complete the Outline of Your Salad Drawing - Step 9

How to Draw a Salad Step 09

9. Erase guide lines from the lettuce, then draw the sliced tomatoes. For each tomato, sketch an irregular shape, like a heart with a rounded point. Draw an upside down teardrop shape on each side to indicate the seed membrane. Then, use curved lines and dots to add texture and indicate seeds. Erase guide lines as necessary.

Color Your Salad Drawing

How to Draw a Salad Step 10

10. Color your salad. Health experts say that the more colorful your plate is, the better it may be for you. Make your salad colorful with green lettuce and cucumber, purple onions, and bright red tomatoes.

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Easy, step by step Salad drawing tutorial
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Learn More About The Salad Drawing

The term salad describes a wide variety of dishes whose main ingredient is usually raw vegetables. Salads may also be made from fruit, grains, nuts, or chopped meats.

Salads are usually served cold and have been touted for their health benefits since ancient times.

Wild greens seasoned with salt, vinegar, and oil were likely the first salads. In fact, the word "salad" is derived from a term meaning "salt."

This is due to the fact that salads were seasoned with salt brine or salty dressings in ancient Rome. Since these greens were the first fresh foods available after winter, they provided vital nutrients following a bland winter diet of preserved foods.

In the 1600s, playwright William Shakespeare used the term "salad days" to describe the inexperience of youth, similar to the way the term "green" may be used today.

In modern times, salads may represent spring and summertime or modern health-food fads.

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The popular Shopkins line of children's toys include salad themed characters, such as Alice Fruit Salad and Kris P. Lettuce.

Would you like to draw a tasty salad? This simple, step-by-step drawing guide is here to help. You will need only a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

You may also wish to color your drawing using crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

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