how to draw a 3D Sphere step-by-step

Draw three straight lines to outline a trapezoid shape, forming the base for the sphere.

Draw a large circle overlapping the trapezoid shape, erasing as necessary. This circle will become the sphere itself.

Create an optical illusion of a 3D circle by adding an oval at the top.

Draw a latitudinal curved line near the top of the circle, below the oval. This line also appears to enclose a partial oval shape.

Draw another long curved line across the circle.

Draw another long curved line across the front of the circle.

Draw a final horizontal curved line near the bottom of the circle and two short curved lines connecting to the small oval.

Draw long curved lines from the bottom of the circle, meeting the previous short lines.

Draw two more vertical curved lines across the circle.

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You too can easily draw a 3D Sphere following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking 3D Sphere with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.