how to draw the Among Us Imposter

Draw a circle and extend a line to represent the Imposter's eye or face shield.

Outline the Imposter’s head. Use two curved lines. Extend one from the face shield, the other from the line.

Draw a curved line from the base of the head and add a "U" or "J" shape at the end for the body and one leg of the Imposter.

Create a second leg next to the existing one by drawing a curved line overlapping the "U."

Draw curved lines encircling the body and extending from the head for the Imposter's backpack.

Finish enclosing the backpack, using a curved line. Then, enclose two triangular teeth along the top of the Imposter’s open mouth.

Draw more triangle-shaped teeth along the top and bottom of the mouth.

Draw the final tooth, and extend a long, wavy curved line from the mouth. This begins the outline of the tongue.

Finish your Imposter sketch by adding a second curved line that meets at a sharp point to represent the tongue.

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You too can easily draw the Among Us Imposter following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Among Us Imposter with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.