how to draw a Bass step-by-step

Draw the fish's lips with two curved lines forming a half-heart shape, with a slight gap at the point.

Draw curved lines to outline the lips, tongue, ribbed pattern on the mouth, and smile line in a sideways "Y" shape.

Use curved, overlapping lines to outline the fish's face, including the lower jaw, eye ridges, cheek, and far brow.

Draw the bass's eye with overlapping curved lines for the cheek and two circles for the pupil.

Create an outline of the body using long, curved lines that converge towards the tail and diverge to mark the tail fins.

Create the fish's dorsal fin with curved lines meeting at a point to enclose and connect spines.

Sketch the fish's pelvic and anal fins by creating a double-curved shape and adding curved rows.

Draw the pectoral fins. Again, start with a curved line as the base, then enclose the shape of the fin. Detail it with curved lines.

Sketch the tail with curved lines, including a wavy base and a "V"-shaped pattern, and add rows of curved lines as detailing.

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Learn how to draw a great looking Bass with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.