how to draw BB-8 from Star Wars

Draw a half circle, connect with a curved line, then add two lines at the top to form BB-8's head.

Create a droid's neck by drawing diagonal lines and connecting them with a curved line.

Draw a large circle attached to the droid's neck. This forms BB-8's round body.

Draw straight lines up from head, then add triangles/rectangles to represent BB-8's antennae.

BB-8's utility interface is a circle inside a circle with robotic arms and tools, four trapezoids and a keyhole.

Enclose BB-8's body with curved lines and connect to utility interface with smaller circles.

Draw detailed facial features of BB-8's head, including semicircles, circles for his eyes, and other shapes.

Continue to add detail to the face. Draw several rectangles, squares, and circles on the head.

Create sketches of face and body with circles, ovals, lines, rectangles, and pointed shapes.

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You too can easily draw BB-8 from Star Wars following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking BB-8 from Star Wars with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.