how to draw The Beast from Beauty and the Beast

First draw diagonal and perpendicular lines for eyebrows, then half-diamonds, followed by half-circles for irises and pupils.

Sketch upward half-diamond shapes, diagonal and curved lines for eyebrows, an oblong hexagon and tapered lines.

Draw a triangle inside the shape and add two hooked triangles for the nose, with curved lines and teeth, and two nose-framing lines.

Sketching swooping curved lines under the mouth and zigzag lines around the nose and mouth adds depth to the face.

Use curved lines to create fur around the face, and use straight lines to connect the mouth to the lower half.

Draw two curved lines on either side of the head and connect them with a swooping shape.

Create more lines for horn depth, a curved triangle for the head, and swooping zigzags around the face.

Draw curved lines to create L-shapes above the eyebrows, then connect them to the head with curved lines and add ears.

Sketch tufts of fur on the top of the head and add curved zigzag lines for depth.

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You too can easily draw the Beast from Beauty and the Beast following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Beast from Beauty and the Beast with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.