how to draw Ben 10 step-by-step

Draw curved lines for rounded rectangles, enclose three smaller circles to represent pupils, and sketch eyebrows.

Use curved lines to outline the face, neck, ears, chin, cheeks, and features such as the nose and mouth.

Next, draw Ben 10's spiky manga hair. For each lock of hair, use a pair of curved lines that meets at a sharp point.

Outline the shirt with curved lines for the sleeves and torso, and use overlapping lines for the arm.

Draw the outstretched arm. Use curved lines to sketch the upper arm, lower arm, thumb, hand, and fingers.

Create the Omnitrix by drawing two circles, four triangles, and curved lines to transform Ben 10's DNA.

Sketch curved lines for the torso and pants, adding details like pockets, zipper, and folds.

Draw curved rectangles for the cuff, leg, sock, and top of the shoe, followed by lines for Ben 10's boot, sole, and laces.

Draw the remaining cuff, leg, sock, and boot using curved lines. Notice the lines that form the laces and sole of the shoe.

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You too can easily draw Ben 10 following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Ben 10 with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.