how to draw a Bench step-by-step

Sketch basic geometric shapes for bench, include square corner on one partial parallelogram, with curved line extending from top.

Sketch a "V" shaped line that curves at the ends to connect two curved lines and start on the opposite sidewall.

Draw a curved line that doubles back and forms a wide "V" with curved edges to complete the side rail and start the rear leg.

Draw the bench arms and add details with long curved lines that double back from the side rails.

Using curved lines, add 3D detail to the arm and draw 3 parallel lines to the seat, connecting them at the bottom.

Draw curved lines to connect the arm and seat, then extend a line to complete the leg and foot of the bench.

Curve lines create a 3D effect for the back leg; use 2 lines for the front leg, overlapping at the top.

Create a 3D effect for the bench's leg and foot by using curved lines and overlapping them to draw the remaining front leg.

Create a 3D effect with curved lines on the final leg, then add straight lines to represent wooden slats on the seat and backrest.

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You too can easily draw a Bench following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Bench with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.