how to draw Best Friends step-by-step

Draw two profiles of girls with curved lines for foreheads, noses, chins, and lashes, an oval pupil, toothy smile, and freckles.

Sketch girl's hair with curved lines for bangs, headband, ear, neck contour.

Draw hair and neck with curved lines. Use inverted "V" for hair ends. Outline shoulder and arm with more curves.

Extend parallel curved lines for the girl's arm and use overlapping curved lines for her fingers and hand.

Draw the second girl using curved lines for face, eye, nose, and chin, adding blush and teeth.

With curved lines, draw a triangular scarf and the girl's face.

Use overlapping curved lines to sketch the girl's braids or locks. Texture each braid with short curved lines.

Draw the neck of the garment using a "C" shaped line. Use curved lines to contour the collar bone, shoulder, and torso.

Use a series of lines to draw the girl's outstretched arm, hand, and fingers.

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You too can easily draw Best Friends following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw great looking Best Friends with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.