how to draw a Best Mom Drawing

Sketch a cartoon heart and use curved lines to outline it, adding a smiling mouth, closed eyes, and eyelashes.

Draw a heart-shaped arm with curved lines and add fingers and hand with ovals and "U" lines.

Design a character's wand or scepter by drawing straight lines, a star, and curved lines, then adding a band.

Draw a "C" shaped line above the heart. Extend a curved line from each tip of the "C." This is the base of the heart's crown.

Use "U" shaped lines to trace the crown's scalloped top and enclose a crescent moon in each.

Create a banner by drawing a curved trapezoid or rectangle shape with extended lines below corners.

Draw the split tips of the ribbon banner using curved lines.

Draw many small, five-pointed stars around the tip of the wand.

Complete your Best Mom outline by writing the words "BEST MOM" in a fancy script across the banner.

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You too can easily draw a Best Mom Drawing following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Best Mom Drawing with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.