how to draw Billie Eilish step-by-step

Create guide lines by drawing a circle, crossing it with slightly curved lines, and adding short marks.

Outline features of the face using curved lines, using the intersection of lines and circle as guides.

Draw the eyes using curved lines, small marks, and shading, based on a circle.

Outline the brow, hairline, and lips using curved lines, and draw eyelashes beneath each eye with long and short curved lines.

Complete the hairline and part using overlapping and converging curved lines, starting with the first lock.

Outline top of Billie's head and neck with long curved lines, continuing to sketch hair locks.

Erase the remaining guide lines. Use curved lines that meet at points to form the remaining locks of hair.

Use curved lines that meet at points to draw more locks of hair on the opposite side. Texture the hair with curved lines.

Draw curved lines around the neck to add texture, incorporating a garment collar and spiked necklace.

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You too can easily draw Billie Eilish following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Billie Eilish with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.