how to draw a Black Anime Girl

Draw thick-lined anime-style eyes for the black anime girl, including pointed lashes and connecting half-oval shapes.

Draw curved lines for eyebrows, lids, and nose, small mouth with half-oval shape and line, shaded pupils.

Draw a curved line on head, forehead, cheek, chin, with inverted "V" lines for hairline and wavy lines for hair.

Create poofy ponytail with curved lines, then complete side of head, ear, and curl using more curved lines.

Create a poofy ponytail and add a spiraling curl on the opposite side of the head.

Extend curved lines from head to create neck and shoulder, then use long curved lines to draw arm, hand, and pinky.

Draw overlapping curved lines for the hand, spaghetti strap, and side of the shirt.

Use curved lines to draw the remaining arm, the torso, and the neckline and straps of the shirt.

Create the arm and hand on hips and draw two curved lines to form a belt or gap.

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You too can easily draw a Black Anime Girl following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Black Anime Girl with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.