how to draw a Bull Skull step-by-step

Begin by drawing two curved lines that meet at a point. This forms one of the bull's horns.

Create a curved line outlining top of skull with wide base from horn; include space for second horn.

Use two long, curved lines to draw the second horn. Notice the bulge at the base, and the gentle point at the tip.

Use curved lines to draw the lower portion of the cow skull face, connecting them to form the nasal area.

Create a curved line connecting the eye socket and bottom of the skull to enclose it and finish the nasal cavity.

Draw a curved line from the eye socket to the nasal cavity, looping back to enclose an irregular shape and creating an opening.

Draw curved lines to enclose an irregular round shape between the eye and nasal cavities, then connect with a vertical midline.

Using curved lines, add depth and three-dimensional quality to the horn by banding and drawing a short, curved line on the skull.

Band the base of the remaining horn with curved lines, and draw a curved line beside it on the skull.

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You too can easily draw a Bull Skull following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Bull Skull with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.