how to draw  a Bull step-by-step

Start by sketching the bull's head, using curved lines to depict its irregular shape and the bulges of its snout, eye socket, and horns.

Using curved lines, draw the ox's ears and nose with pointed shapes inside and a peanut-shaped snout.

Use two curved lines to draw each horn, erasing as needed, and add a short line at the base for depth.

Use long, curved lines to outline the ox's back and torso. Extend one line from the top of the head, the other from the snout.

Sketch the animal's body with long curved lines, then taper at the leg and distinguish the hoof.

Sketch the front leg using curved lines, indicating muscle at shoulder, knee/ankle bulges, and hoof.

Create curved lines to sketch all legs on both sides and add a triangular notch for each hoof.

Create a detailed bull's face with curved shapes for nostrils and an eye, and curved lines on the forehead and chest.

Add a tail to the bull's body with two long, curved lines, connecting them with a jagged tuft of fur.

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You too can easily draw a Bull following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Bull with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.