how to draw Chase from Paw Patrol

Create guide lines by drawing two circles for the head and body, a horizontal oval for jaws, and two small ovals for paws.

Draw a curved line within the oval to outline the jaws of Chase, crossing the lower circle and entering the oval.

Create Chase's police pup hat by drawing two irregular shapes on top of each other, then use curved lines to add a bill.

Sketch facial features with curved and parallel lines forming ears, nose, and mouth.

Create eyes with curved lines, partial ovals, smaller circles inside, and shaded in between, with pointed brows.

Create Sketch of Chase's police pup uniform, collar with curved lines, arrowhead shapes for tag/logo, paw print/star.

Sketch curved leg lines and overlapping curves for paw and toe details from shoulders to ovals.

Draw his belly using a curved line between the forelegs. Draw the rear legs and paws using curved lines.

Draw a zig-zag line above each paw.

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You too can easily draw Chase from Paw Patrol following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Chase with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.