how to draw Cherry Blossoms

You too can easily draw Cherry Blossoms following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw great looking Cherry Blossoms with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

Draw a single flower by creating a "U" shape with a notch at the bottom and connecting dented lines at the top.

Create a second hidden flower using dented, connected "U" lines to form its outline, next to the first one.

Add a third flower on top of the previous ones with "U" shaped lines and dented bottoms connected to enclose the shape.

Draw a fourth flower, again using "U" shaped lines with dented bottoms.

Create a cherry blossom bouquet by intersecting two "S" curved lines with a knotty protrusion and a curved tip.

Create a "S"-shaped branch and connect it with a curved line to the higher flowers.

Enhance the branch with curved lines between flowers, extended lines, and a "C" shape for an unopened bud.

Enclose a flower bud with curved lines and indicate overlapping petals; add a fallen petal shape below.

Create a depiction of the flowers' reproductive parts by drawing a small circle and six curved lines ending in another small circle.

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