how to draw the Chicago Bulls Logo

Draw a rounded trapezoid for the bull's nose and add a curved line for the mouth.

Draw curved lines from the snout to depict the nose, add nostril ovals, then curved lines in corners.

Draw a "W" shape connected by a pair of "V" shapes and a "U" shape for the bull's brows and snout.

Form a curved line from snout to brows, then draw smaller curved lines for bull's eyes, shading above top line for pupils.

Draw a curved line for each ear from the face's side and three curved lines above the brows.

Use three curved lines to enclose the top of the head. The shape should be roughly quadrilateral.

Connect two curved lines from head corner and ear top, meeting to make a horn.

Extend two curved lines from the opposite side of the head. Allow them to meet at a point to form the horn.

Draw a curved "V" shaped line just below the tip of each horn.

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You too can easily draw the Chicago Bulls Logo following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Chicago Bulls Logo with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.