how to draw a Chinese Dragon step-by-step

Draw a Chinese dragon's face with curved lines for eyebrows, eyes, snout, nostrils, and shaded pupils.

Draw the dragon's lower jaw with curved lines meeting at gentle points, then add teeth with pointed lines.

Create a curved tongue and nose, outline sharp points, and add a double-lined horn to the snout and eyes.

Draw the remaining horn and use curved lines to form the mane and neck of the dragon.

Draw the dragon's arm, fingers with claws, elbow spikes, and belly with one curved line each.

Draw the front and rear leg as before, using curved lines for the arm, leg, fingers, toes, and triangles for claws and tufts.

Complete the foreleg and outline the limbs with curved lines, adding curved triangles for claws and tufts.

Draw a curved line from the rear leg to the tip of the tail and add spines and a tuft of hair.

Draw spines, texture tuft with curved lines, outline belly and band with shorter lines for Chinese dragon.

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You too can easily draw a Chinese Dragon following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Chinese Dragon with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.