how to draw a Christmas Wreath step-by-step

You too can easily draw a Christmas Present by following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Christmas Present with step-by-step drawing  instructions, and video tutorial.

Draw slanted parallel diagonal square with vertical sides. This will give your present a three dimensional look.

Draw a diagonal line across opposite corners of the square to form a new side.

​​​​​Use two straight lines, along with the tops of the previously drawn squares, to enclose the top of the box.

Draw another set of lines parallel to those drawn in the previous step. This begins the lid of the box.

Draw parallel short lines from lid lines to sides, then connect them.

Erase the guide lines from the lid.

Make the lid appear three dimensional as well by drawing two lines parallel to its bottom lines.

Draw two connected circles with loops on top, connected by two parallel lines and two short lines.

Draw ribbons on box in two sets of parallel lines, with an offset on lid.

Get the full tutorial with all  drawing steps and a video  tutorial via the link below. It's FREE!