how to draw Cookie Monster from Sesame Street

Form Cookie Monster's eyes by drawing two circles and adding smaller circles for pupils in different directions.

Outline Cookie Monster's face with short curved lines and add a "U" shaped line for his mouth.

Draw a series of short, jagged lines descending from each side of Cookie Monster's face. This outlines the sides of his body.

Use a series of connected curved lines to outline Cookie Monster's hand. Notice how the furry fingers are pointed on the tips.

Use curved lines to outline Cookie Monster's hand, creating a furry look, and add a scalloped line for the cookie and chocolate chips.

Use two jagged curved lines to attach Cookie Monster's hand to his body.

Give texture to Cookie Monster's fur. Draw jagged lines consisting of short connected lines along the contours of his arm and chest.

Draw curved lines to outline the round cookie with bites, and add irregular shapes for chocolate chips and crumbs.

Shade Cookie Monster's pupils and open mouth.

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You too can easily draw Cookie Monster from Sesame Street following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Cookie Monster with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.