how to draw Crossed Hockey Sticks

Begin by drawing a straight, diagonal line. This will become one of the hockey sticks.

Draw a second straight, diagonal line, parallel to the first. This outlines the shaft of the hockey stick.

Connect the top parallel lines, then enclose the hockey stick toe with a long curved line.

Band the hockey stick with curved lines, just above the heel, or bend, of the stick, and across the toe.

Draw a diagonal line perpendicular to the first hockey stick, appearing to intersect behind it.

Outline the second hockey stick's shaft by drawing parallel lines to the previous line to form an "X" shape.

Enclose the top of the shaft using a short curved line. At the bottom, use a long curved line to form the toe.

Band second hockey stick shaft above heel and toe; note slight difference from first stick's banding.

Create a hockey puck by drawing an oval between two sticks and connecting it with descending straight and curved lines.

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You too can easily draw Crossed Hockey Sticks following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw great looking Crossed Hockey Sticks with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.