how to draw Daffy Duck step-by-step

Draw Daffy's eyes with large ovals, shaded pupils, and curved and straight lines for eyebrows and head.

Curved lines at the top of the head form a tuft of feathers and a beak that follows the curvature of the eyes.

Draw a beak with a curved line, add nostrils and a feathered texture at the base of the neck.

Sketch the top of the arm and upturned hand using overlapping curved lines, particularly at the base of the thumb and fingers.

Sketch the arm with curved lines and jagged points to depict a tuft of feathers at the elbow.

Complete the arm, hand, and fingers using long and short curved lines.

Use a series of curved lines to sketch Daffy’s torso. Notice the tufts of feathers on the chest and at the top of the leg.

Begin drawing Daffy’s leg and foot. Begin with an “L” shaped line, and add a short curved line to the lower end.

Use curved lines to sketch the second leg in a "W" shape that mirrors the first.

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You too can easily draw Daffy Duck following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Daffy Duck with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.