how to draw Dice step-by-step

Form a horizontal diamond with rounded corners to serve as the top of a die.

Draw another diamond with rounded corners beneath the first. It should share one side with the first diamond.

Create a third diamond that shares two sides with the previous two, completing the three-dimensional cubical die outline.

Draw another round-cornered diamond overlapping one of the previous diamonds. This begins the outline of the second die.

Draw another diamond alongside the previous one. The diamonds should share one side.

Create third diamond by sharing side with two previous diamonds, completing second cubical die.

To round corners of the dice, erase their overlapping areas and connect remaining edges with a slight curve.

Draw the pips, the dots on the faces of the die. On one die, draw one pip on one side, two on another, and three on another.

Draw pips on the remaining die. Draw one pip on one side, four on another, and five on another.

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