how to draw a Dog Drawing for Kids

Draw an oval for the dog's muzzle and add a smaller oval for the nose, then sketch a "W" shape for the mouth.

Create spots around the dog's eyes with "U" lines, adding curved lines at the top to represent eyebrows.

Draw a small oval inside a larger oval within each spot. These are the dog’s eyes.

With erasing and adding, draw ears and decorate with a spot, outline collar on opposite side.

Outline the dog’s body using two long curved lines. One line should come from the front of the neck, the other from the back.

Create the dog's leg with straight and curved lines, adding details for the paw and toes.

Use curved lines to draw the rear leg and form a spiral ending in a paw, then add toe details and erase any overlapping body lines.

Draw remaining legs using straight and curved lines, with one doubling back to form paw and detailed toes.

Add a tail with two curved lines and a spot on its back to finish the dog drawing.

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You too can easily draw a Dog Drawing for Kids following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Dog Drawing for Kids with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.