how to draw a Dog Outline step-by-step

You too can easily draw a Dog Outline following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Dog Outline with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

Draw a curved line and a short line for the forehead, snout, and upper and lower lips, and a small triangle for the eye.

Draw the ears using lines that meet at points, then extend a line to trace the neck.

Continue the line of the lower jaw to sketch the front of the neck and chest. On the dog’s back, draw a line to form the shoulder.

Draw the first leg. Use a series of curved lines that double back. Notice the shape of the paw and ankle.

Draw the remaining foreleg. Again, use a series of curved lines that doubles back upon itself.

From the top of the leg, extend a long curved line to form the belly.

Draw a curved line from the shoulder for the back, then a pointy tail.

From the belly, extend a long curved line and double it back upon itself to form the rear leg.

Complete the dog outline by drawing the final rear leg.

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