how to draw a Dragon Head step-by-step

Create a realistic dragon head outline by sketching the face features and drawing the eyes with curved lines and shaded slits.

Use curved lines to outline and contour the jaw, horn, beak, and eye; create nostril with shaded curved shape.

Using curved lines, draw a heart-like shape with pointed triangular teeth and skin at the corner of the mouth.

Outline the tongue using a curved line, and draw the sharp, triangular teeth of the lower jaw.

Sketch the tongue, teeth, lower lip, and chin with curved lines and add two triangular horns from the chin.

Add textured triangular spikes to the side of the face and use curved lines for the horns, jaw, and head.

Draw a larger horn and a crest of spines on the skull with curved lines and overlapping strokes.

Draw and texture the remaining horn using curved lines. Then, use overlapping curved lines to create the bony plates of the neck.

Add final details to dragon head outline with curved spikes on neck and large scales.

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You too can easily draw a Dragon Head following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Dragon Head with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.