how to draw an Easter Chick step-by-step

Begin by drawing an egg shape - an oval that is narrower on the top and wider at the bottom.

Next, crack the egg. Draw an irregular zigzag using short, straight lines of various lengths.

​Separate your egg in half by erasing the shell from above the cracks.

Draw an irregular shape above the eggshell. Notice the bulges at the top and bottom. This will form the chick's head.

Draw one curved line for each wing, add "U" shaped lines for feathers, and use a curved line for the body's edge.

Draw two irregular circles in the middle of the head. These will form the chick's eyes.

Draw a pupil with a curved line, then two small ovals inside, and a tuft of feathers on the chick's head.

Draw curved lines above the eyes for the eyebrows, shape the beak with curved lines, and add curved lines for feathers on the chest.

Add cracks to the egg shell. Draw short, straight lines that meet each other at odd angles.

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You too can easily draw an Easter Chick following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Easter Chick with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.