how to draw an elf step-by-step

You too can easily draw an Elf by following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Elf step-by-step with step-by-step drawing  instructions, and video tutorial.

​​​​​Begin by drawing a circle. This will form the elf's head.

Draw 2 curved lines extending down from circle, curving outward at bottom, and enclosing space to form elf's body.

Enclose two shapes, curved rectangles, beneath the elf's body. These will form the bottom of his tunic.

Draw legs from rectangles, curved lines across body, two vertical lines in belt for buckle.

Erase the guide lines from the tunic.

Draw twisted raindrop-shaped shoes at the bottom of legs. Curve them on one side and point them on the other.

Draw a curved brim and puff ball above it, then add two curved lines from head to bottom of tunic for arms and add cuffs.

​Erase guide lines from the hat.

Draw ears, nose, eyes, eyebrows, and mouth; draw line up from belt and two curved triangles for collar.

Get the full tutorial with all  drawing steps and a video  tutorial via the link below. It's FREE!