how to draw a Factory step-by-step

Draw a horizontal line, enclose a slanted rectangle, and a narrow rectangle on top, representing a building.

Connect two parallel zigzag lines on the roof of a building and enclose the side with a slanted line.

Draw the factory building's roof and sections using straight lines, with an "U" shaped line for a door on one side.

Create two straight doors in the doorway, add a large rectangle and circular windows below the roof peaks.

Draw crossbars using horizontal and vertical lines to intersect at right angles on large rectangular and small circular windows.

Draw the building's smokestack towers with slanted straight lines and curved connections at the top.

Draw a storage silo. Use straight lines to form its rectangle shape. Then, use a curved line to form the semi-circular roof.

Use curved and straight lines to detail the smokestacks and silo, including rivet dots and moving tubes.

Create billowing smoke or steam from tower tops with curved lines forming an irregular shape.

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You too can easily draw a Factory following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Factory with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.