how to draw a Fall Tree step-by-step

You too can easily draw a Fall Tree by following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Fall Tree with step-by-step drawing  instructions, and video tutorial.

Draw a "V" with wavy sides and extend a curved line from one side. This forms the basic outline of the tree's branches.

Draw parallel lines below the "V," then curve them to meet at points; further, draw overlapping curved lines to form the trunk.

Draw curved lines branching from upper branches with varying lengths and branching off with shorter lines.

Draw a wide branch extending from tree trunk; draw curved lines for smaller branches.

Draw leaves lining tree branches: two short, curved lines, one end branch, pointed other end.

Draw a bushy, leafy shape behind the others and outline with curved lines that meet in jagged points.

Draw tree on horizon line using short strokes; enclose small teardrop shapes for leaves.

Add branches, twigs, and leaves; and detail the trunk with curved lines of varying lengths.

Draw a second horizon line, texture the ground with curvy lines, and add a few leaves.

Get the full tutorial with all  drawing steps and a video  tutorial via the link below. It's FREE!