how to draw a Fire Breathing Dragon

Draw a flame-like V-shape with a curved snout, a short horizontal loop, and a straight line; then add eyes.

Create depth in the face with parallel curves under the mouth, adding jagged triangles for teeth.

Create horn shapes resembling flames and ocean waves with curves and jagged triangles, ending with a neck line.

Create a pear-shaped neck with curves on the right and wavy, uneven lines for the arm and loose triangles for the claws.

Begin with an L-shaped left foot, draw large, curved triangles, then repeat on the right foot.

Draw a curved line with fins and a teardrop for the left wing.

Sketch lines inside the wings and body for added depth. Use small curvy lines to draw the scales on the back and tail.

Enhance stomach texture with dashed lines while creating a sketchy and irregular flame effect.

Outline the cartoon dragon with a black pen, adding shapes for depth and sparks.

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You too can easily draw a Fire Breathing Dragon following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Fire Breathing Dragon with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.