how to draw the Flash step-by-step

Draw almond-shaped eyes with curved lines and pupils, then add curved lines for eyelids and nose bridge.

Use curved lines to outline the nose, nostril, mouth, corners of the mouth, and the dimple of the chin.

Create curved lines around head, chin, and cheeks, and loosely form diamond shapes for eyes.

Draw a mask opening with straight and curved lines, adding a lightning bolt over the ear and a half-circle at its base.

Draw a curved line around half circle and lightning bolt over ear, add neck and muscle detail.

Begin sketching the Flash's muscular shoulders. Use curved lines. Note the contours of the collarbone and top of the arm.

Continue to use curved lines to sketch the arm, the pectoral muscles, and the biceps.

Create curved lines to depict the biceps, rib, and abdominal muscles in the arm and torso outline.

Create the Flash logo by drawing a zig-zag lightning bolt enclosed in a circle on the superhero's chest.

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You too can easily draw the Flash following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Flash with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.