how to draw a Flying Dragon step-by-step

Create a face by drawing a straight line, curved line with triangles, hooked line, and half-circle for eye.

Sketch two triangular horns on top of the head, a curved jaw underneath, and small lines for nostrils.

Sketch lines near head, use curved lines for neck, start wing with narrow tube and teardrop shape on top.

Create a wing shape with parallel and curved lines, followed by an umbrella-like edge and a rounded arm.

Draw loops for elbow and palm, add rounded triangles for claws, sketch line and V-shape for foot, connect with curved line.

Draw claws and fingers on the foot and hand with rounded triangles and lines.

Draw an S-shaped tail with curved triangles and a curved line for the right leg and foot.

Draw triangles along the back of the body, then add a line with a teardrop shape at the end.

Sketch a broad, swooping curved line upward, then make scallop shapes and use lines to connect them to the top of the wing.

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You too can easily draw a Flying Dragon following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Flying Dragon with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.