how to draw Gems step-by-step

Draw a pentagon with rounded corners and a diamond to create two gems.

Draw gemstones in diverse shapes: hexagon, rectangle with disconnected corners, and open-ended triangle.

Create a three-dimensional pentagon gemstone by connecting short, curved lines from each corner inward.

Create a three-dimensional appearance for the gem by drawing a curved horizontal line and two triangular shapes.

Create a three-dimensional effect on the central gem by connecting curved, vertical, and horizontal lines.

Draw an "X" shape in the upper, lower, and side sections of the central gem. This accentuates the cut appearance of the gemstones.

To create a three-dimensional gemstone, draw a triangle by connecting opposite corners and add a horizontal line.

Create a 3D-looking gemstone by drawing a smaller hexagon inside an existing one and connecting their corners.

Draw an additional straight line between each of the short straight lines, accentuating the cut of the gemstone.

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You too can easily draw Gems following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw great looking Gems with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.