how to draw George Washington

Sketch the face shape with curved lines, paying attention to the hairline, brow bulge, jawline, and neck extension.

Create George Washington's hair with "U" shaped lines at bottom, a wavy line at top, and short, curved lines for texture.

Use overlapping curved lines to draw the collar, front, and shoulder of Washington's shirt and jacket.

Draw a curved line connecting neck to jacket and add wavy lines to embellish front and opposite side.

Create a "U" shape connecting the jacket's shoulder lines to give the drawing a bust-like appearance.

Draw Washington's scarf with overlapping curved lines, creases indicated by downward diverging lines, and two lines at the bottom.

Begin to detail Washington's face. Shade heavy curved lines to indicate the eyebrows, and another to form the nose.

For outlining the eyes, use curved lines meeting at corners, draw two circles and shade the inner one for the pupil.

Use curved lines to draw the flat mouth and detail the chin.

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You too can easily draw George Washington following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking George Washington with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.