how to draw a Girl Pixel Art step-by-step

Use varying numbers of shaded blocks to depict the features of the girl's face, including the nose, chin, and eyes.

Shade the sides and hair of the girl's face using varying numbers of squares connected at the corners.

Outline the girl's hair by shading diagonal lines, from the part to each side of the face, across the forehead, and on top of the head.

Continue to outline the girl's hair. Shade single squares, long lines of squares, and "V" shaped segments to create the wavy line.

Create wavy line on opposite side of head using squares, lines, and "V" segments, noting horizontal line. 

Create a mirrored hairstyle and collar with squares, then move on to unshaded overlaps in this pattern.

Use shading and thin lines to create shoulders, upper arms, and hair detail, avoiding shading on hair edges.

Create shapes in the hair and face using differing lines and shapes, avoiding shading.

Continue to add narrow lines to the hair, forehead, nose, mouth, neck, and blouse. This will aid you in coloring your drawing.

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You too can easily draw a Girl Pixel Art following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Girl Pixel Art with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.