how to draw Goku Black step-by-step

Begin with a dash near top of page, add diagonal lines, jawline, triangle, eyebrows, anime eyes, nose, and mouth.

Draw a large zigzag on the right of the face and on top of the head, add oblong ovals for ears and details with curved lines.

Make a neck, ear circle, pointy hair, varying hair sizes and shapes, and diagonal lines for eyebrows.

Using light lines, create a Y-shaped neck with muscles, add hills on the left, diagonal lines on the right, and a curved sleeve.

Create a diagonal line using finger and arm movements, ending with a semi-circle and curved lines.

Draw a left arm with a downward line, then curved upward, with noodles for fingers and a semi-circle palm.

Using curves, connect two lines below the body, add sweeping lines for bottom of robe, and sketch a bird-like shape.

Create smaller loops on left side and mirror on right, adding lines and shapes for legs and feet.

Use different types of lines for clothes, add lines for boot depth, outline with pen, erase extra lines.

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You too can easily draw Goku Black following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Goku Black with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.