how to draw Grapes step-by-step

Draw subsequent circles around initial circle to form the overlapping outline of grapes.

Create another cluster of grapes by drawing a small circle under the first group, with overlapping partial circles.

Overlap and expand circles to form grape cluster shape.

Draw two curved lines upward from the cluster of grapes. This forms the stem on which the grapes grow.

Curve a long line above the grape cluster, crossing the stem and outlining the leaf.

Sketch arched lines to finish heart-shaped leaf outline, with a smaller line joining two larger ones for a jagged division.

Form a central vein on the leaf then several secondary veins branching off in various lengths.

Extend a pair of curved lines from the base of the leaf, forming a stem.

Create a curved stem with an attached leaf and oval to depict grapes growing on a vine.

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Learn how to draw great looking Grapes with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.