how to draw Grass step-by-step

Begin by drawing a single blade of grass. Draw two curved lines, allowing them to meet in a point at the top.

Draw blades of grass with two curved lines meeting in sharp points at the top, overlapping and meeting in points on the bottom.

Draw more blades of grass, using a set of curved lines for each.

Draw a second patch of grass behind the first one, creating the illusion of overlapping lines.

Draw even more grass. Continue to use a pair of curved lines for each blade.

Create a patch of grass in the distance using connected, curved lines for a more realistic look.

Draw additional patches of grass in the distance. Again, connect short, curved lines in a jagged zigzag pattern.

Add some blades in front with two curved lines and ground for background with one wavy line.

Using curved lines, draw uneven ground and a horizon line, and enclose some shapes for rocks.

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You too can easily draw Grass following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw great looking Grass with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.