how to draw a Happy Birthday Card

Draw a cake using two straight and one curved line for the sides and icing.

Start by sketching the cake with two straight lines and a series of "U" and curved lines for the icing.

Use curved lines to draw candles and melting wax, connecting them at the bottom and a short line for the wick.

Draw flames on candles and a present next to a cake, using curved lines for the box and bow.

Draw straight/curved lines to complete box/ribbons. Start second present's square shape and rounded bow.

Draw a second present with ribbon and a bow with more lobes, then add a square box, and an oval for a balloon.

Draw an irregular shape and a curved line for the bottom of each balloon, also considering party hats.

Draw curved lines and upside-down triangles on party hat and pennants on the wall; decorate cake with stars.

Write the words "Happy Birthday" on the cake. Draw many small circles in the background to indicate confetti.

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You too can easily draw a Happy Birthday Card following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Happy Birthday Card with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.