how to draw a  Happy New Year Card

Begin by outlining the bold capital letters "HAP." This begins the words "HAPPY NEW YEAR."

Use curved and straight lines to outline the letters "PY" and "NE."

Use straight lines to outline the letter "W" and the letters "YEA." Notice that the corners of the letters are rounded.

Outline an "R," add an exclamation point that appears folded over, and turn the "W" into "W" wearing a party hat.

Draw a round starburst shape on top of a "Y" wearing a party hat, surrounded by curved lines and small stars.

Create a string of lights by drawing small ovals on curved lines and adding circles and stars.

Draw a string of lights, a streamer, and a gift with wrapped ribbon and a bow using various lines and shapes.

Draw a smaller present with squares, vertical lines, and round shapes, alongside a horizontal rectangle and streamer.

Create a festive gift by drawing a bow, ribbon, and confetti using simple lines and shapes.

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You too can easily draw a Happy New Year Card following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Happy New Year Card with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.