how to draw a Heart Balloon step-by-step

Begin the heart balloon outline by drawing one side of the heart. Use a long curved line.

Create the other half of the heart with a curved line, leaving a small gap at the bottom.

Draw two small overlapping ovals at the bottom point of the heart. This is the knot that keeps the air inside the balloon.

Draw two curved lines upward into the heart from the knot. This gives the balloon a three-dimensional texture.

Draw a flattened oval or peanut shape beneath the knot of the balloon. This forms the end of the opening of the balloon.

Use short curved lines to connect the knot and "C" shaped opening at the end of the balloon.

Extend two parallel curved lines from the end of the balloon and connect them at the end. This is a string tied to the balloon.

A curved shape on the balloon's lobe adds shine and enhances its 3D look.

Finish the heart-shaped balloon by adding a smaller oval reflection on the other side.

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You too can easily draw a Heart Balloon following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Heart Balloon with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.