how to draw a Heart Carved in Tree

Form a hook with a curved line on top, a wavy line on the right, and a straight line connecting them.

Create an upward-pointing triangle and connect it to two more with an arcing line above a horizontal one.

Sketch 2 wavy, longer triangles on the left, add a curved line an inch above and connect with a straight line, and add a base wavy line.

Use various shapes to create a tree with hills resembling fluffy clouds in the background.

Add various hill and teardrop shapes on the right and try different shapes, sizes, and angles without perfection.

Repeat the previous step for the rest of the leaves.

Draw a heart inside a tree with a smaller heart, triangle, and diamonds for an arrow.

Sketch two letters inside the heart. Add wavy, expressive shapes around the roots to make the grass and shrubs.

Draw the rest of the grass, then add lines inside the tree to give the trunk texture and depth.

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You too can easily draw a Heart Carved in Tree following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Heart Carved in Tree with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.