how to draw Heart Hands step-by-step

Use curved lines to draw the pointer fingers, connecting at the top; outline the thumbnail and fingertips with short straight lines.

Draw the left hand with long curved lines, including skin and thumb pad.

Draw long, overlapping curved lines to indicate the skin and thumb of the right hand, forming a mirror image of the left.

Draw the thumb with short and long curved lines for nail, joint, back and side.

Create curved lines to outline and contour the top of the pointer finger, including the nail, joints, and skin.

Trace the middle finger and back of hand with long curved line, noting knuckle bends, and indicate fingernail with short line.

Draw a thumb with short, overlapping lines for the nail and knuckle and a long line for the back and side.

Use curved lines to outline the knuckles and nail on the pointer finger, with squared corners noted.

Draw the middle finger and knuckles with a curved line and add a short line for the fingernail.

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You too can easily draw Heart Hands following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw great looking Heart Hands with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.