how to draw a Heart Locket step-by-step

Begin the heart locket outline by drawing two hearts, one within the other. The hearts should share one side.

Create a heart-shaped lock with a rainbow on top, and a keyhole made of a partial circle and triangle.

Create a decorative keyhole design using spiral and curved lines, with a heart-shaped element above.

Finish the fancy pattern by drawing curved lines and adding circles, ovals, and crescent shapes to the lock's face.

Create a 3D keyhole with curved lines, enclosing a cylinder shape and extending to form a key.

Draw overlapping curved and U shaped lines to create a 3D flower or spade on key, connecting with an oval.

Create a three-dimensional look for the key by drawing curved lines and a "C"-shaped locking mechanism.

Enhance the key by drawing a heart on the back and creating a 3D effect on the lock.

Enhance the heart locket outline by drawing crescent moon shapes and adding 3-D details with short curved lines.

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You too can easily draw a Heart Locket following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Heart Locket with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.