how to draw Hot Cross Buns step-by-step

Draw a long curved line to encircle and partially enclose an irregular rounded shape, outlining the first bun.

Draw an inverted "U" shaped line across the bun. Then, use wavy curved lines to enclose the four arms of the "X" or cross shape.

Draw a curved line between the arms of the "X" and add irregular shapes for texture.

Use curved lines to draw the incomplete round shape of the second hot cross bun.

Use curved and wavy lines to complete the "X" or cross shape on the top of the second bun.

Draw the fourth quadrant of the second bun using a curved line. Then, texture the surface with several small irregular shapes.

Outline the third hot cross bun, then use wavy lines to complete the "X" or cross shape on the top.

Sketch sides of last hot cross bun with curved lines, while adding texture to third bun.

Create an "X" shape on the top bun using curved lines and add texture with small shapes in fourth section.

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You too can easily draw Hot Cross Buns following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw great looking Hot Cross Buns with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.