how to draw Hulk's Face step-by-step

Draw angry eyes with curved lines and almond-shaped eyes, each with a shaded half circle for pupils.

Create curved, "U" shaped lines between brows and by eyes to form the Hulk's full eyebrows.

Draw the nose with short, curved lines for the sides, nostrils, and tip; then use two curved lines for the mouth.

Draw long lines from the nose to the mouth and add curves below the nose, chin, and mouth, then shade the teeth gaps.

Sketch the Hulk's face with a long curved line and contour it with additional lines for his hair.

Draw the hair across the Hulk's forehead with curved lines that meet at jagged points, then draw curved lines for the sides.

Outline Hulk's small ears with "C" lines, detail them, then draw head sides and contoured skin above eyebrows.

Finish enclosing the Hulk's hair. Use long and short lines that meet at points.

Detail Hulk's face outline with textured hair and curved lines for shoulder and chest definition.

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You too can easily draw Hulk's Face following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Hulk's Face with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.