how to draw Ice Cream step-by-step

You too can easily draw Ice Cream following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Ice Cream with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

Begin by drawing a shape like a letter "V" using two straight lines. This outlines the bottom of the ice cream cone.

Draw a curved line on top of the "V" then parallel to it, connecting the ends with short curves to form the cone.

Draw a long, curved line upward from each side of the ice cream cone. This will outline the upper portion of the cone.

Draw a curved line and then a parallel short curved line to form an upper rim of the cone.

Add a scoop of ice cream. Enclose a circular shape, the bottom of which is hidden by the top of the cone.

Draw another incomplete circle, partially hidden by the first. Then, enclose another circular shape between this scoop and the cone.

Draw two curved horizontal lines and a checkerboard pattern across the ice cream cone.

Top your ice cream. Enclose an irregular shape at the top of each circle using a wavy, curved line. This indicates a flavorful sauce.

Draw small circles and ovals for sprinkles and curved lines for texture.

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