how to draw Iron Man step-by-step

Draw Iron Man's face, helmet, and shoulders with curved lines, including details like ears, eyes, and a triangle chest.

Create Iron Man's suit torso with straight lines for geometric shapes and shaded circles for bolts.

Begin sketching Iron Man's arm. Use overlapping curved lines to outline and detail the muscular-looking suit.

Draw Iron Man's remaining arm. Again, use overlapping curved lines.

Give your cartoon Iron Man gauntlets and hands. Use curved lines to enclose the irregular shapes.

Complete the character's torso. Use overlapping curved lines to continue the armor. Draw rounded rectangles along the sides.

Outline Iron Man's leg using a long curved line for the upper leg and overlapping it for the lower leg, adding curved lines for detail.

Using curved and overlapping lines, sketch Iron Man's remaining leg and add detail with lines and shapes.

Create Iron Man's flight-ready feet by sketching curved lines to outline the ankles and boot-shaped armor.

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You too can easily draw Iron Man following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Iron Man with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.